Paths for Chief Business Official (CBO) Certification

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By completing the CASBO BEL Program, individuals become eligible to take the CASBO CBO Certification exam during the next exam window. Completion of an approved training program does not result in a certification nor credential.

Individuals may also earn eligibility to take the CASBO CBO exam by completing a full CBO training program offered by an approved professional development provider, such as:

  • FCMAT CBO Mentor Program
  • USC Rossier School of Education: Certificate in School Business Management Program
  • Wilkes University Master’s Program in School Business Leadership

Throughout the year (usually aligning with the end of CBO pathway programs), CASBO will open the CBO exam for a specified time period, known as the exam window. During this exam window, all eligible individuals can register and sit for this exam. The exam is on-demand and can be taken at any point during the exam window.

After the exam window closes, an external expert reviews the exam results to make sure the exam is fair and accurate. Results are released once this review is complete. Approximately 80% of test-takers pass each the exam.

Next exam window: July 2024.

The current cost for the CBO exam is $400.

CASBO’s CBO Exam is comprised of the following knowledge domains:

8%  | Domain 1: Accounting 
11% | Domain 2: Facilities and Debt Financing

9%  | Domain 3: Human Resources and Collective Bargaining

3%  | Domain 4: Information and Technology Services

17%| Domain 5: Leadership and Governance

5%  | Domain 6: Principles of School Law

5%  | Domain 7: Public Relations

4%  | Domain 8: Risk Management

15%| Domain 9: Operations

18%| Domain 10: Finance and Budget
5%  | Domain 11: Special Education

CASBO is now offering a digital version of you credential that you can share on your resume, email signature or social media such as LinkedIn or Facebook. Digital badges are visible and verifiable, with metadata backing up each badge.

To learn more, visit the digital badges page.

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